Tim Crescenti
President, Small World IFT, USA

Tim Crescenti founded Small World IFT in 2005 with his wife, Colleen, and has ensured the company’s reputation for seeking out the most unique and entertaining television properties around the world for format distribution continues to grow.

Named by Broadcast magazine as a ‘Top Dealmaker’ in international television, Tim has a history of identifying the most unique and successful formats such as last year’s USA hit on NBC, Better Late Than Never. Prior to launching Small World Tim was Vice President of International Production for Fox World where he covered the worldwide roll-out of Fox's expanding roster of international formats including Joe Millionaire and Simple Life. Before Fox poached him, Tim was Vice President of International Formats for Sony Pictures Television International. Tim found and acquired the global mega-hit for Sony, Dragon's Den.

Small World IFT
25458 Via Adorna
Valencia CA, 91355   USA
T: +1 661 254 35 35
E: timcrescenti@SmallWorldift.com

Colleen Crescenti
Managing Director, Small World IFT, USA

Colleen is co-owner of Small World and heads business affairs as well as overseeing new format IP, and all logistics of running Small World. Aside from parenting, Colleen is proudest of her work with the USA for Africa aid organization. Her years with the non-profit were spent raising funds and awareness for the victims of famine in Africa and the homeless in America. Colleen is passionate about ending poverty and believes literacy is a key component in that fight.

E: timcrescenti@SmallWorldift.com

Don Baret
Production Consultant, Small World IFT, USA

Favorite Food:
Sushi and Japanese Bento Boxes!

Favorite Place:
Anywhere the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing

Favorite Music:
Can't live without the Beatles or Motown!

Rosemond Perdue
Consultant, Small World IFT, USA

Rosemond is a marketing and content creator based in Los Angeles, and a longtime Small World fan. She has worked with production companies to conceptualize and create promos, trailers, and marketing to sell formats and shows to networks, production companies, and distributors. She’s created trailers, marketing and promos for companies like Nippon TV, Distraction, The Format People, CBS, NBC, Sony, and of course most importantly, Small World. In addition, she’s created series including docuseries Fast Inc. which ran on MTV US, specials for Scripps Networks, short form digital content for Discovery, HGTV, Science Channel, and Lifetime Television. She currently has a docuseries in development with a leading US production company.

She was a founding partner of promo and TV marketing agency, Bungalow 3, which specialized in promos for the international marketplace. She began her career working for trailer production companies in Los Angeles, creating trailers and launch campaigns for many US based distributors and studios.

An award-winning writer and content creator, Rosemond has written for The Huffington Post, Disney’s Babble, 40PlusStyle, and was chosen as one of BlogHer’s 2016’s Voices of the Year for her original video content. When she’s not thinking up ways to market and sell TV formats, she hangs out with her teenaged daughter and an ever expanding pack of rescue animals.

Joanna Stachow
Format Sales and Distribution Coordinator, Small World IFT, USA

Joanna joined Small World in 2017 as a format sales and distribution coordinator. She has a diverse 8 year background in media with gigs at Discovery Communications, Technicolor and Ascent Media where she was looking after the content in very busy transmission studios of channels including TCM, Discovery Channels, TLC, Disney Channels, NBC Universal and HBO. Most recently Joanna gained some hard-core sales experience in a real estate business, winning awards as best sales negotiator. She is now back in Media to exploit those skills to the fullest!

E: joanna@smallworldift.com